Flow Ceremonies, LLC


Our lives are punctuated by extraordinary moments.

When we honor them, we support what’s extraordinary

in ourselves and the world.

In the ordinary course of an ordinary day, I don’t

“stand on ceremony.” I believe in being approachable

and in approaching others. In getting to know people

for who they are. In  celebrating the way we’re all in

this life together.

But there are moments in every person’s life when

it’s time to set aside the ordinary and celebrate

the extraordinary!

The milestones in our lives, whether joyous or tragic, can shape us if we let them. Sometimes, they offer a glimpse of the eternal. And . . . celebrating can be fun. So let’s get started!

This is what I bring to my work

  1.   More  than 20 years’ experience writing,  presenting, performing, and storytelling.

  2.   MAs  in Modern Letters, World Religions, and Community Informatics.

  3.   Certification in Mediation and Spiritual Direction.

  4.   Certification by the Celebrant Foundation & Institute as a Master Life-Cycle Celebrant®


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                                                                                ~ Sheri Reda ~

                                                         Certified Master Life-Cycle Celebrant