Flow Ceremonies, LLC

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I’m so pleased to offer my services as a Certified

Master Life-Cycle Celebrant® affiliated with the

Celebrant Foundation & Institute!

This is what I bring to my work:

  1.   I am a Creative Consultant with more

     than 20 years’ experience as a writer,

     editor, and project manager for

     professional, educational, and

     entertainment-based concerns.

  I’m a seasoned storyteller and performer.

  I use both print and performance models to create and develop your ceremony so that it communicates what is important to you.

  I hold degrees in Modern Letters;  Religions and Arts; and Library and Community Informatics. I’m also a certified mediator and certified spiritual director. Mostly, I write and officiate and perform. Occasionally I teach, and once in a while I stop by and host at the Italian restaurant my father founded in Old Town. 

My clients have included performers, publishers, clergy, and congregations—and other extraordinary people whose wonderful qualities are not easily classified.


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                                                                                ~ Sheri Reda ~

                                                         Certified Master Life-Cycle Celebrant





       ~ My Philosophy ~

Everyone’s life is punctuated with extraordinary moments.

        By honoring those moments, we support what is extraordinary in the person and the world. We create more joy and the potential for more love.

        Though I work as a writer, editor, and performer in many capacities, the moments when I serve as a celebrant are among the most rewarding of my career. that’s why I’ve become fully certified by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in in Weddings, Funerals,  Ceremonies Across the Life Cycle, and Healing Ceremonies.

        I enjoy being able to codify and express what people want to say about themselves and their loved ones. I’m in my element when I’m creating one-of-a-kind experiences. For me, this is a way of honoring the individual and the community at the same time.

        In the ordinary course of an ordinary day, I don’t “stand on ceremony.” I believe in being approachable and in approaching others. In getting to know people for who they are. In  celebrating the way we’re all in this life together. But there are moments in every person’s life when it’s time to set aside the ordinary and celebrate the extraordinary!

        The milestones in our lives—whether joyous or tragic—can shape us, if we let them.  They help us honor the past and set a course for the future. Sometimes, they offer a glimpse of the eternal.

        And celebrating them can be fun . . . So let’s get started!


                                                                                                     ~ Sheri Reda